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Haswing Comes to the USA


Haswing LogoMinneapolis, MN – HASWING Electric Motors of China is excited to announce they are launching two of their electric trolling motor models into North America through their newly selected distributor: AWC Distributing of Bloomington, MN.  HASWING Electric Motors was founded only five years ago and is a division of the successful YATAI ELECTRIC APPLIANCE COMPANY.

“China is making a real effort to show the world they can produce high quality products under their own brands rather than being just the factory to the world,” stated Tom Zenanko, Owner of  Blue Pond Enterprises, the Importer who is bringing HASWING to North America through AWC Distributing..  “It has been a long and hard road to develop, test and design something like an electric trolling motor.  This haswing-comax-sidemarket is very mature, with over 40 years of motors coming and going in this business. Developing motors concepts that meet the demanding needs of our North American Customers and OEM manufacturers is never easy.  Our Team of consultants span the entire history of electric trolling motor technology and this is the key to our success. Their designs in motors are to accomplish two very simple goals: Don’t bring a product to market unless if offers superior performance and reliability to what is on the market now.

For the 2013 season, HASWING USA will be bringing only two motors to the market, the very futuristic looking transom mount motor called the COMAX Power lift. This 12 volt, 55 pound thrust motor rises out of the water with a touch of a button and will fit nearly any size transom, especially effective in the canoe and kayak market. There is no other motor like it in the marketplace.

The other is a bow mounted wireless remote system called the Cayman.  The innovative bow mounting bracket securely locks the 12 volt, 55 pound thrust direct drive motor into position to prevent accidentally deployment in big waves.

Priced right and coming with a two year warranty, HASWING motors are committed to a steady roll-out of electric trolling motor designs in the years to come, but not bring a product to market unless it is fully tested and meets the strict standards established by the HASWING USA engineers and consultants.

Please note AWC can only service COMAX and CAYMAN models that we shave sold. For other Haswing models, please contact Haswing International directly.