When the first wireless remote trolling motors hit the market nearly 25 years ago, the boating world was changed forever. Time has shown, the idea of a wireless remote control electric trolling motor is a great choice to power your boat. The all new wireless Cayman by HASWING, takes an already popular concept in trolling motors to another level.

The CAYMAN is a powerful 12 volt motor that has been engineered from the ground up with improved features and added a level of performance and reliability never before possible for a motor system retailing for under $600.

The CAYMAN can be used in both freshwater and saltwater conditions and comes with a two year factory warranty. The 55 pounds of thrust and 10 speed settings allow you to get a full day of boating on a single deep cycle battery.

One of the industry leading features is the motor deploy and store system. The CAYMAN has an easy to lift and lock motor cradle and a two large release pedals to make it all but pop back into the water. When you see it in action, you’ll agree it is the easiest and best motor deploy system on the market today. With built in battery saving technology and even a five level battery status indicator, the CAYMAN has it all, including a removable skeg feature.

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Haswing Cayman Top

The strong reliable bow mount system of the Cayman is easy to mount on your boat, plus the double locking release bracket insure no “Accidental” deployment

Haswing Cayman Control Pad
The easy to use remote allows finger-tip control,. It can even be attached to your fishing rod if you wish.

Haswing Cayman Wireless Control

In operation, it is always great to know what your current battery status.  The Power reader lights will give you a quick and accurate status of your battery.

CAYMAN Specifications

Bow cradle mount w/easy-deploy pedal and sure-lock cradle system
Power Control
Wireless hand control with 150+ foot range (foot control optional)
Max Thrust
55 pounds
360° servo powered with wireless remote control
10 settings
Shaft Length
48 inches
Shaft Material
Extruded aluminum
Three bladed power prop
Water Usage
Fresh or saltwater
Max Sound Level
50 decibels
Nominal Volts
12 volts with under-over voltage protection
Max Current Draw
45 amps
Recommended Battery
Deep cycle 12 volt, 105 amp-hour capacity or larger
Battery Performance Life
Low speeds – 5X longer run time
Mid speeds – 2.5X longer run time
High speeds – Max Draw.
Battery Meter
Five level battery status indicator
34 pounds
Two years


Designed to be bow mounted, the three bladed prop delivers the thrust you need to control small to mid-size boats up to 17 feet.

The CAYMAN’s waterproof wireless control easily fits into the palm of your hand or can be attached to a fishing rod or around your neck with a lanyard.

From component design to every new feature, the CAYMAN from HASWING will win you over as the best performing, best designed wireless electric trolling motor in its class.

On Sale Now

Order Now: $499.95 → $349.95
plus $40 S/H