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Motor Clinic’s Haswing Service

Haswing USA has trained Motor Clinic technicians right here in Minnesota, USA to ensure any issues are resolved quickly and easily.

Here are some commonly asked questions about Haswing electric trolling motors. Please read through these and then feel free to contact us using the form below if you still need service.

Please note that we only service COMAX and CAYMAN models that we sell. For other Haswing models, please contact Haswing Outdoors directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is Digital Power Management?
Extended trolling time (up to 5x longer on a single charge).
The Digital Power Management saves valuable power over a conventional speed coil motor, which allows more fishing time. With variable speed control, the Digital Power Management technology allows for proper speeds to be set and maintained while trolling lures for proper presentation.

What is Soft Start?
This is a generic phrase for any motor using a digital power management system. There will be a very short delay when you turn on the motor switch and the motor actually begins to turn the propeller, this is normal to have a “Soft Start”.

Can my HASWING trolling motor be used in saltwater?
HASWING motors are all designed for use in Salt Water but we highly recommend you rinse motor after each use.  Note that the color of the units does NOT signify its ability to be used in salt water as with other brands.

What is the warranty on HASWING trolling motors?
We offer a full two year warranty.

Can I get replacement parts for my HASWING trolling motor purchased from you?
Provided parts are available, yes. Please contact us.

Please note that we only service COMAX and CAYMAN models that we sell. For other Haswing models, please contact Haswing Outdoors directly.


Can my HASWING COMAX power lift be used on a canoe or kayak?
Yes for sure!  The COMAX has TWO adjustments for getting the right fit on a boat with nearly ANY transom short or tall..  You have the ability to adjust the motors position on the transom first,  then you have the ability to raise or drop the motor with a touch of the button.


How far away will my Cayman will the remote still work?
Your remote will communicate up to 60 feet.

How long will the batteries in my Cayman wireless remote last?
Typically the batteries will last one year.

How many remotes can be programmed with my Cayman?
There is no limit to how many remotes that can be programmed.

What about shaft length selection?
You have a standard rule with an electric trolling motor to maximize the thrust you will get. The deeper you can keep the propeller the better at all times.  If the propeller starts sucking in air from being too shallow in the water, or is now running in thick weeds because it is down too deep, you effectiveness of the propeller is lost.  A standard rule is that the front of the nose of the lower unit should be 12 inches below the water line.

What are the benefits of a bow-mounted electric motor?
Boats never want to float in a straight line. Because of this, it is much easier to pull a boat than to push a boat. It is also easier to move the bow of the boat sideways compared to moving the transom. Therefore, a bow-mounted electric motor allows for much greater boat control and positioning.

Need Support?

Still need help? Contact us by email and we’ll get back to you right away! You can give us a call during normal business hours.

Please note that we only service COMAX and CAYMAN models that we sell. For other Haswing models, please contact Haswing Outdoors directly.

4 thoughts on “Service After The Sale”

  1. I can’t get my remote to pare with the Trolling motor. I had to replace the battery and I can’t get the motor to work. I have followed all the instructions to the “T” and it will not pare up.
    Please help
    Mark K Swisher

  2. I’m looking at buying the Haswing Caymam 55lb Thrust trolling motor. How much would an additional remote or foot pedal cost? It appears the trolling motor only comes with a single remote.

  3. My saltwater model bow mount when retracted while moving on water release an falling forward I pulled it back and locked started back going again and will release again what needs to be fixed . Any little bounce release the motor to slide forward and deploy .

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