Low Cost Powerlift Electric Trolling Motor

COMAX Backtroller

No more straining to lift your motor in and out of the water with the transom mounted, 12 volt COMAX Powerlift electric motor. This is the best motor ever designed to meet the needs of anglers fishing from the transom of the boat.


Skilled anglers know pulling a boat backwards with an electric trolling motor while fishing gives you superior boat control, and that is exactly why the COMAX was built. It’s easy to operate, easy to use and super easy to deploy and lift out of the water—just touch a button!

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Haswing Comax Control Arm

At a glance you will be able to see motor speed and reserve battery power levels. The 2-to-1 turning ratio on the handle makes it easy to turn the motor at any speed and the Forward/Reverse control of the motor is just a push of a button.

Haswing Comax Control ArmAll controls for speed settings, and up and down controls are conveniently located on the extendable handle. You also have easy adjustment so the handle can be set an any angle.

Haswing Comax Transom Motor MountHASWING’s EasySet bracket system allows you to adjust the height of the motor on the transom without tools and you are even able to swing up the entire motor to remove weeds without leaning over the side of the boat.

Comax Specifications

Transom tilt with 10 positions
Power Control
Micro Touch extended handle control
Max Thrust
55 pounds
Steering Ratio
Continuously variable speed control
Shaft Length
Adjustable – adjusts to 11 inches
Shaft Material
Rugged stainless steel
Three bladed power prop
Boat Usage
20″ transoms up to 18 feet
Water Usage
Fresh or saltwater
Max Sound Level
50 db
Nominal Volts
12 volts with under/over voltage protection
Max Current Draw
45 amps
Recommended Battery
Deep cycle 12 volt, 105 amp-hour capacity or larger
Battery Performance Life
Low speeds – 5X longer run time Mid speeds – 2.5X longer run time High speeds – Max Draw
Battery Meter
30 pounds
Two years

Low Cost Transom Mount

The COMAX Backtroller has a 12 volt power lift and deploy system, and delivers an efficient 55 pounds of maximum thrust to allow easy boat control of small to mid-size boats. This powerful, lightweight motor is packed with features every angler will appreciate.

The COMAX is the only 12 volt power lift and deploy transom mounted electric trolling motor on the market today.

On Sale Now

Order Now: $499.95 → $299.95